Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes, we DID celebrate Easter.

So it's been a long time once again since the last blog. I'm really sorry, but I just don't have the time and I haven't shown Jess how to do it yet. I'm trying to catch up though. Here is the next installment of pics and stories.

We did our Easter eggs a few nights before Easter and the kids were pretty excited. We always love doing the eggs. The kids would do 10 dozen if they could and every single one would be different. Maybe one year I'll buy that many just to test that theory. I think it would be pretty fun. My mom came out to visit while she was on spring break which made Easter that much better.

The kids waiting patiently to begin.

Austin had a breakdown in the middle for some reason that I can't remember, but Kaylee wasn't about to let him stay sad for long.

Kaylee with her personalized egg.

Austin with his "A" egg he did by himself.

My special UNC egg that is a yearly tradition. I may have started getting high on egg dye though.

The eggs were fun, but Easter morning was even better. My mom was visiting with us and the kids were super giddy to get their baskets, find eggs and wear new clothes to church.

Austin was all about the candy. Before I knew it he had eaten 4 or 5 mini Reese's cups.

All ready for church.

We had an Easter egg hunt in our house in the morning, but then we went to Jess' cousin's house for dinner after church and had an even bigger one. There had to of been about 100 eggs around the yard full of candy and toys. They had a lot of fun and so did the grown-ups.