Thursday, August 13, 2009

Randomness Summer 09

Here is round two of random pics. This spans from the end of May until about the end of July. Just getting some more pics up for family and friends. It's been a busy summer and the kids just keep growing way too fast.

This is one of the 4 owls that are camping out in grandma Rigby's huge trees. They were amazing to see and so big. The kids were amazed by them and just kept staring. I personally love owls too and thought they were pretty awesome.

While up in Lewiston we decided to run by and see grandpa's headstone. It was the first time we were able to see it. One of the greatest men I've ever known.

Kaylee loved having grandma and grandpa Price in town in May. She couldn't get enough of him.

Jess is a donut fanatic. This is what she wanted for her birthday.

Kaylee got to be part of a class presentation about what she liked to do. She loves helping Jess bake and cook so she talked about that. She was so excited to get dressed up and talk about it. I wasn't able to be there, but Jess was and said Kaylee did a great job.

Kaylee's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bishop.

Austin and his best bud/cousin, Nate.

Scooter time!

Kaylee with her little hip move again. Seriously. Where does she get that from?

I just thought this pic was funny. Everyone has a face going on. Austin looks like he's wanting to rock out. Carter is just somber while sporting his cool shades. Jess is either doing a pouty face because of Carter or flirting with me through the camera. I'll go with the later one because she's looking mighty fine. lol!

I got up and made the kids Mickey Mouse pancakes one morning. They love them! You can kind of see Kaylee's still, but Carter's already started downing his mouse. He's a pancake monster.

Austin has been begging for a while to 'cut my hair like daddy'. Well, it's summer and he's a sweaty boy so we gave it a shot. I love it and so does he. What a stud.

How can you not love this guy and just want to kiss him all over? He's such a funny kid.

Looks like Kaylee got a hold of the camera for a while. Ha! Hilarious.

Totally random. Jess letting the kids rock out on the counter one day.

We had a family night with the Robinson Clan at the American Fork Rec Center one Monday. The kids had a blast.

Carter came in and wanted to sit with me one Saturday afternoon. I had been cleaning or something and sat down for a break and watch some sports. Carter got right up with me and just sat there and watched for about 15 minutes. Jess just wanted to capture the moment. Can you see the little tear of happiness in my eye?

Jess has been an exercising machine the last 8 months or so and Carter loves to copy her when she gets home from her walk/run.

My brother-in-law's little brother is serving as a missionary in our area so we've been able to see him several times over the last two years. He leaves to go back to Va. in a couple months and he was finally able to come over to our house for dinner one night. I've known this kid since he was about 5. Had to capture the moment so we did a classic MySpace pose.

Carter using all his strength, and facial expressions, trying to get a cap off a marker. I think Jess is trying to help. Ha! :)