Friday, August 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

I had some pretty random thoughts while awake until 3:30am the other night and thought I'd share. Please don't be scared by the randomness or weirdness of my overactive imagination.

The first one my family knows already becaues I think it all the time. Question: If you could go back in time and retain the knowledge you have now, would you do it? My answer is a resounding yes. No doubt. Show me the way. Punch my ticket! Here is what I would want to do. I'd want to go back to the age of 8. At first I thought 12 because that's when we moved and everything was shaken up for me, but I figured if I'm going back that far, why not go all the way to 8 and be perfect again? lol!!! Anyway, I would change a lot of things like doing better in school/church/work, work harder, work out, and be more outgoing. There is also a selfish side to this because I'd be able to take my knowledge of sporting events, collectibles, stocks, etc and make bank. lol!!! Well, the lesson I learned from this is that since I can't go back in time, maybe I need to start doing those things right now so I don't look back in 20 years and wish I could still go back in time. Now is the time that I need to better with church/work, work harder, work out and be more outgoing.

My other random thought is kind of deep and weird. I was thinking that the bond between a husband and wife is the closest relationship you can have, right? I mean, it's closer than with a parent or child, right? If that's the case, then why is that the only person you don't share any blood/dna with? I know, it's out there, but it got me thinking. You share part of yourself with your parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren, but not with your spouse. The one person you are closest with. Yes, those are the deep disturbing thought of Seth Price.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Longest Week Ever!!!!

Okay, so I'm not sure why, but this has been the LONGEST WEEK EVER!!! I was laying in bed last night, going through my usual tossing and turning, and couldn't believe it was only Wednesday. How had only 3 days passed yet it felt like it could have been an entire week? It's not like I'm not busy or anything. It seems like every single minute holds on to every second just a little longer so that by the end of the day there are entire extra hours. I'm ready for it to end.

This brings me back to laying in bed last night tossing and turning. I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP!!! Here I am with a freaking cold and feel exhausted by the end of these 'extra long' days and when I lay my head down it's like there is a switch to my brain telling it to stay awake. Then I go through all the moods of just trying to relax and let it happen, then getting really upset because it's not happening, to not caring and just thinking about random things to pass the time. Well, I got to think about a lot of random things since sleep didn't come until 3:30 AM!!!!! Ya, awesome huh? Then to wake up at 7:30 am. Feels like it's going to be another long day.

Thought I'd share my horoscope again real quick. I won't always do this, but it really did relate to me again.

"You may be reading the signals wrong, and knowing this can encourage you to fill in the missing information with what you think to be true. The problem with this is that your uncertainty can make you afraid and encourage you to doubt yourself even more. Instead of trying to make things black or white, this is a good time to remember how much of your world can be a variety of shades of gray."

This is very true with me because if I don't know some specifics I usually think the worst. I know, it's bad, but it happens. I do have uncertainty about some things right now and it's definitely causing me to doubt myself. I need to have faith and go on with a positive attitude that everything is still okay.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Music and Horoscopes

Just wanted to let you all know I added a music player to my page. If you don't want to hear it, just scroll down and hit the pause button or you can forward through some of the songs to see what I'm listening to these days.

Also, I'm not a huge horoscope person, but I like to look at them from time to time and just see what it says. Sometimes it's insightful and gives me hope. Kind of like the one today so I thought I'd share. The last line is my favorite. (c:

"Your dilemma today concerns balancing your personal desires with the needs of others. Rely on your ability to logically analyze the differences and then make decisions based upon what will work best for a larger group. Being selfish today will only create problems. Anyway, you'll get what you want soon enough."

Splurge vs. Save

So I got tagged for the first time and this one is going to be difficult. I've already heard from the other people that it takes a while to do, but I'll give it a shot. We're not big splurgers so this may be hard.

10 Ways We Splurge

1. Eating out - On the few occasions that Jess and I do eat out, we like to go somewhere kinda nice.
2. Lawn Service - I still mow, but it's nice to have someone do the fertilizing, weed killing, bug destroying, etc.
3. TV & Internet - Gotta have 'em
4. Cell phone - Have to have high minutes as a realtor
5. Vacations - Go on way too many
6. Orange Juice - Expensive right now, but love it
7. Scrapbooking - Jess wouldn't agree on this, but it's true. lol!!!
8. A.C. - We like it kind cool compared to some
9. Magazines - I need my Men's Health and Entrepreneur
10. Steaks - Mmmmmmm, nothing like a great steak

10 ways we Save

1. Movies - Hate spending so much to see a movie so we hit the matinees, $1 Redbox rentals, or borrow from friends/family
2. Eating out - I know it's on my splurge list, but I put it here because besides those few really nice dinners we have, we don't usually eat out
3. Babysitting - Jess has a deal with a few girls that she does their hair and they trade for babysitting. Love the trade
4. Haircuts - I do my own, Jess does the kids and she does trade for hers
5. Home phone - We don't even have long distance
6. Gym membership - Jess works at the Day Spa inside the gym so she gets free membership and mine is discounted
7. Clothes - This only applies to me because I never go buy clothes for myself
8. Massages - Jess can usually work out a trade for this too
9. Airplane tickets - We will wait weeks and check every day just to get the best deal possible and we also use rewards points
10. Drugs - We go generic since the ingredients are the same and are usually made by a sister company of the real thing anyways

Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer cold

There's not much worse to me than having a head cold in the summer. It came on really strong last night and this morning it was a full fledged assault on my body. Mainly my head though. It just continues to pound and my nose runs and my eyes water and I can't breathe. The biggest reason I don't like it is because it just makes everything else seem worse. Outside it is really nice today, but to me it's too hot and I can't breathe. I don't have a ton I have to do today, but right now it still feels like too much. The kids are being pretty good, but they are still driving me crazy by making huge messes and then not cleaning up.

Then it happened. The thing that changed it all. I had just finished being upset with Kaylee and Austin for not cleaning after asking them to do so about 5 times. They were crying and I was fixing lunch. Then it was quiet for a little while and out of nowhere Kaylee says "Hey daddy!" and I asked her "What?" with a scowl on my face. Then as if she wasn't in trouble or anything she begins to sing "Thiiiiis iiiiiis thhhhheeee waaaaay I live, little boys still pushing big wheels". If you don't know, that's a song by Baby Boy called The Way I Live. Now how am I supposed to be mad at her when she's trying to cheer me up and is so dang cute singing that song? I couldn't. So we had lunch together, I'm writing this blog while they try to clean again and then we're all taking naps. Hopefully long ones.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A good laugh

So a friend of mine introduced me to an ebay auction that I think everyone needs to read. Well, only if you want a good laugh. This lady is hilarious! She also has a blog and the link is in her ebay comments. Take a look and enjoy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Okay, so I finally finished the 7th Harry Potter book. Not sure how many other Potter fans there are out there, but I'm one of them. Not only because the books were so great, but mainly because the books got me reading again. I hardly ever read in H.S. or college and it wasn't until Christmas of 2000 that I read the first Harry Potter book and got hooked. Since then I read about 9-12 books a year. Anything from mystery, drama, finance or self help books. I really enjoy it now and am looking forward to my next book and I only finished the Potter one 2 hours ago! Okay, so I'm not always like this, but I have a pile of books on my nightstand that has grown while I reread the 6th Potter and then read the 7th. So which book is next? The Abs Diet? Why We Want You To Be Rich? The Expectant Father? The Millionaire Real Estate Agent? Treasure Island? The Book of Mormon? Okay, so it will probably be The Book of Mormon because I said it would be read again this year and it's getting closer and closer to Christmas. We'll see how long it takes.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Playing Together

So yesterday, Friday, I ended up having to watch the kids all day because our sister-in-law who usually watched them was away on vacation. Jess worked all day and so it was me and the kids to fend for ourselves. Well, I had a decent amount of work to get done and so the kids will usually just sit there and watch tv all day or play a little. I hate it when they just sit there and watch tv all day, but I didn't have to worry about that yesterday. They probably watched about 10 minutes and then the next thing I know they are in McKaylee's room playing house or something. They didn't come out of her room for 2 hours! Then we had lunch, they took little naps and then they were back in there again! They just kept playing and playing together (with minimal arguments and fighting). I love hearing them get along so well and wonder what's going to happen when the baby comes. Will they accept him? Will he be the 'outcast' or will they want to take care of him too much? I guess we just have to wait and see, but until then I'll enjoy them getting along so well.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Decent day

Besides some pretty big things weighing on my mind today, it ended up being pretty decent. I got up around 7:30, ate breakfast and then played ball with an old friend, Lewis Frampton from H.S., from 9-11. Then on the drive home heard several songs on the radio that made me smile, 'Me Love' (Sean Kingston), 'Big Girls Don't Cry' (Fergie), and 'Party Like a Rockstar'. Then got home just in time for Jess to leave with Kaylee to a service thing with her young women. Austin and I played, had lunch and then he and Kaylee took naps after she got home. Then we decided to go to a sprinkler park just up the street and have dinner. Here are some pics from the park. It was fun because both the kids were super hyper. Now it's about 8:30, my feet ache, and my mind is still all over the place so I think it's time to get lost in Harry Potter. (c:

New beds!

So we just moved McKaylee and Austin into the same room (Kaylee's room) so we could get Austin's old room ready for the baby. We'll keep it that way until the baby starts sleeping through the night and then move Austin back in with his little brother. Guess this will have to do until we finish the basement. Kaylee and Austin have really enjoyed it though. Probably too much. They used to go to sleep shortly after laying down at 8pm, but now they sit in there and giggle and laugh and play until probably 9:30. Kids will be kids, right? Anyways, we just bought Kaylee a new bed and Austin got Kaylee's old bed. She LOVES having such a big girl bed.

The Price family visits

I'm still getting used to this Blogger deal, but I'm spreading my wings and trying to add some pics this time. I don't have any from too recently so these will have to do. They are from when my family visited from Virginia and were out here almost 3 weeks. We spent a lot of time up in Lewiston, Utah at my grandparent's and then also went up to Island Park, Idaho to a cabin. It's just outside of West Yellowstone and was amazing. So hopefully this works. Enjoy.

The Price kids and their families ready to go rafting. It was way relaxing. We didn't even have to row if we didn't want to and could see the bottom most of the time. There were lots of fish and we stopped at a few shallow places for the kids to get out and play. Definitely doing it again next time.

Me trying to teach Austin how to catch. He's got the throwing thing down pretty good, but the catching thing is lacking.

We made a stop in Rexburg to Ricks College, I mean BYU-Idaho (I hate that name) and had to get a pic of the old apartment at Heritage Manor. This is where Jess was living when we first met.

Austin and Kaylee with one of their many 4th of July outfits. I love that they get along so great. I'm worried for the little guy we're expecting in October.

Grandpa Price and Austin by the blow up pool in the yard.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

just another wednesday

well, it's just another wednesday. i have a ton to do though. clean and organize my office from getting a new desk moved in and i have stuff all over the place. i also need to do a lot of work and try to find a new client. anyone know of someone looking for real estate in utah? i should probably eat something. i need to mow the lawn at some point and want to work out. hmmmmmm. i'm still getting used to this blog thing, but i'm starting to like it. if i could just figure some of this crap out about putting up pictures, adding some lists, etc. etc. i'm not the most patient person when it comes to stuff like this. i want to know how it works, how to do stuff and everything else right now. patience seth, patience.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm a virgin

Well, I'm a blogger virgin, but I guess that is over now, right? I have several friends with blogs and my sister is about to move out of the country so we figured we could set up blogs to keep in touch. I guess it's time to go play and see what this thing is all about!