Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Splurge vs. Save

So I got tagged for the first time and this one is going to be difficult. I've already heard from the other people that it takes a while to do, but I'll give it a shot. We're not big splurgers so this may be hard.

10 Ways We Splurge

1. Eating out - On the few occasions that Jess and I do eat out, we like to go somewhere kinda nice.
2. Lawn Service - I still mow, but it's nice to have someone do the fertilizing, weed killing, bug destroying, etc.
3. TV & Internet - Gotta have 'em
4. Cell phone - Have to have high minutes as a realtor
5. Vacations - Go on way too many
6. Orange Juice - Expensive right now, but love it
7. Scrapbooking - Jess wouldn't agree on this, but it's true. lol!!!
8. A.C. - We like it kind cool compared to some
9. Magazines - I need my Men's Health and Entrepreneur
10. Steaks - Mmmmmmm, nothing like a great steak

10 ways we Save

1. Movies - Hate spending so much to see a movie so we hit the matinees, $1 Redbox rentals, or borrow from friends/family
2. Eating out - I know it's on my splurge list, but I put it here because besides those few really nice dinners we have, we don't usually eat out
3. Babysitting - Jess has a deal with a few girls that she does their hair and they trade for babysitting. Love the trade
4. Haircuts - I do my own, Jess does the kids and she does trade for hers
5. Home phone - We don't even have long distance
6. Gym membership - Jess works at the Day Spa inside the gym so she gets free membership and mine is discounted
7. Clothes - This only applies to me because I never go buy clothes for myself
8. Massages - Jess can usually work out a trade for this too
9. Airplane tickets - We will wait weeks and check every day just to get the best deal possible and we also use rewards points
10. Drugs - We go generic since the ingredients are the same and are usually made by a sister company of the real thing anyways

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sarah said...

That didn't look like it was hard. I don't think I could do it though. Hope you are feeling better.