Saturday, August 11, 2007

New beds!

So we just moved McKaylee and Austin into the same room (Kaylee's room) so we could get Austin's old room ready for the baby. We'll keep it that way until the baby starts sleeping through the night and then move Austin back in with his little brother. Guess this will have to do until we finish the basement. Kaylee and Austin have really enjoyed it though. Probably too much. They used to go to sleep shortly after laying down at 8pm, but now they sit in there and giggle and laugh and play until probably 9:30. Kids will be kids, right? Anyways, we just bought Kaylee a new bed and Austin got Kaylee's old bed. She LOVES having such a big girl bed.

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sarah said...

Look at you, you are getting to be professional at this blogging thing. Your kids room is cute.