Sunday, August 19, 2007


Okay, so I finally finished the 7th Harry Potter book. Not sure how many other Potter fans there are out there, but I'm one of them. Not only because the books were so great, but mainly because the books got me reading again. I hardly ever read in H.S. or college and it wasn't until Christmas of 2000 that I read the first Harry Potter book and got hooked. Since then I read about 9-12 books a year. Anything from mystery, drama, finance or self help books. I really enjoy it now and am looking forward to my next book and I only finished the Potter one 2 hours ago! Okay, so I'm not always like this, but I have a pile of books on my nightstand that has grown while I reread the 6th Potter and then read the 7th. So which book is next? The Abs Diet? Why We Want You To Be Rich? The Expectant Father? The Millionaire Real Estate Agent? Treasure Island? The Book of Mormon? Okay, so it will probably be The Book of Mormon because I said it would be read again this year and it's getting closer and closer to Christmas. We'll see how long it takes.


H.L.H said...

wow!!! I like to read the H.P. books too, but they sure don't make me want to read other books!!! Ha!

sarah said...

I am impressed that you had time to read that BIG book. I started reading the first ones when I was a nanny, the kid had them. I got through about three of them and loved them but then I no longer nannied for them and now I am way behind. Plus, David is not a Potter fan so I havent seen probably the last three or four in the theater, I am pretty bummed.
Keep it up, it is good for you, atleast that is what I am told. :)