Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 4th!

I'm almost caught up! So now on to the 4th of July. We made our yearly migration up to Lewiston, Utah to keep with tradition. It was a bit weird with grandpa not being there for the first time, but it was still fun. We loved being able to see grandma and playing with Uncle Ed, Aunt Cathy and some of the cousins.

This is us getting ready to say the Pledge of Allegiance as Uncle Ed raised the flag. I was able to lead everyone this year.

Kaylee loves being with the girls. There were several more that had not showed up yet, but they all played together really well. Here they were waiting for the parade to start.

Austin and Carter were all about playing with 'snaps'

I love this pic of Carter and I.

The kids after the parade. They are starting to get a bit tired from being up so early for the fireman's breakfast. The fun was just starting though.

Carter loved the teeter totter at grandma's and made this face every time he went up. We couldn't stop laughing.

Kaylee and Austin were in hog heaven hauling Ben and Cort around in the John Deere at Uncle Ed's.

Austin loved Uncle Ed's cows. I love this pic of the boys. Carter didn't get much closer unless I was with him....

...even when Austin tried to coax him over.

Austin couldn't resist getting in with the cows.

Carter's cute, innocent face with a real nice bruise. No, we didn't beat him. He had a little fall on grandma and grandpa Robinson's stairs 5 minutes before leaving to Lewiston the day before. Poor guy.

The boys watching anxiously as Uncle Ed got the fireworks ready.

Let the show begin! I'm still a kid...right?

Brooks, me and Austin. Three peas in a pod that night.

Carter was a trooper this day. Woke up super early and was good basically all day. He wasn't even really scared of the fireworks as long as he had his chair and cookie.

Scuba snacks anyone?

While in St. Martin Jess, her dad and I decided to do some scuba diving. Jess and I were pretty stoked since it had been a while and we love doing it. We were also going to a place called Shark Hotel and we were really, REALLY wanting to see a shark on this dive. Luck wasn't on our side and someone was already there diving so we couldn't go there. We were able to dive a shipwreck though and another maze of coral tunnels. The cool thing is there was a professional photographer that dove with us so we were able to get a bunch of pics. Really glad since we saw some cool things and......'the ray'. You'll see. :)


Jess and her dad touching the ray with me coming up from behind. I was coming to pet it, but Mark decided he wanted to see it swim so he grabbed it's wing and gave it a gentle nudge.....

....and it worked. Still wish I could have petted it though. Jess said it was pretty slimy. A lot more slimy than she expected. Maybe it needed a bath.

Space Cowboys (and girls)

After the cruise we had an entire day in Florida to kill since we got off the cruise ship early in the morning and our flight wasn't until 4pm. So we decided to take a VIP tour of Kennedy Space Center. The highlight, and lowlight, of the visit was the Space Shuttle Atlantis was supposed to land there while we were visiting. The lowlight is they said it was too cloudy and had to reroute it to Edwards Air Force Base. Apparently they REALLY don't like doing that since it costs 2 MILLION dollars to get it back over to Cape Canaveral. Holy rocket boosters! It was a great experience though and we learned a lot and saw some really sweet things. Including gators. :)

They always have one shuttle on standby when another is up in space in case a rescue mission is needed. This is the Space Shuttle Endeavor reading and waiting.

The largest one story building in the world. There are huge doors on the side that can open up high enough to roll the Statue of Liberty right into the building. Wow.

Cruisin' it

Loving the drills

Hmmmm, maybe loving it a bit too much. We were just all so giddy to be on the boat!

Took this the first night we were there. Super nice outside and it was pretty awesome.

The view from our lounge chairs in Cococay Bay, Bahamas. It's a little private island with 55 residents that's owned by Royal Caribbean.

A ray we saw swimming along the edge of the shore. I tried to get closer, but it was too fast.

There's the entire island. Not very big. While there we did a sea kayak trip and saw starfish over a foot in diameter, lots of fish, conks and sea mucus. Yep, mucus. It was pretty gross. Looks and feels like snot, but lives in the ocean. Funky.

Hitting the town on our first formal night. I can say 'town' since that's basically what we were. 4500 people living close together with shops and entertainment all around us.

She's a hottie. :)

One of the many towel animals that greeted us as we returned to our room at night.

St. Thomas as we pulled into port. It was a great place with super nice people. We went on a catamaran ride and snorkeled in a bay. We got to see a lot of new things like a barracuda, rays and squid that changed color and swam in formation! We also saw a little sea turtle and tons of colorful fish.

It was a big boat.

Just a little side street full of shops.

The ray.

The mouse?

They celebrated my birthday while on the cruise. Yep, the whole ship. lol! Just kidding. They brought out a beautiful dessert that was tempting that I didn't even take a pic before diving in. Oops.

WOWSERS! No wonder out kids are so dang good looking.

We were in a happy place. :)

Inside the boat at night.

The second formal night.

The monkey.

The monkeys. They will probably kill me for putting this on here. Ha!

They wanted me to take a pic in my black tux with blackjack in my hands. My name is Price......Seth Price.

Mark couldn't resist my bootyliciousness.

Baby got back!!!!!

This is in the hot tub that stuck out over the edge of the boat. We are literally sitting about 100 feet above the water.

The last night with our waiters, Faruk and funny guy.