Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 4th!

I'm almost caught up! So now on to the 4th of July. We made our yearly migration up to Lewiston, Utah to keep with tradition. It was a bit weird with grandpa not being there for the first time, but it was still fun. We loved being able to see grandma and playing with Uncle Ed, Aunt Cathy and some of the cousins.

This is us getting ready to say the Pledge of Allegiance as Uncle Ed raised the flag. I was able to lead everyone this year.

Kaylee loves being with the girls. There were several more that had not showed up yet, but they all played together really well. Here they were waiting for the parade to start.

Austin and Carter were all about playing with 'snaps'

I love this pic of Carter and I.

The kids after the parade. They are starting to get a bit tired from being up so early for the fireman's breakfast. The fun was just starting though.

Carter loved the teeter totter at grandma's and made this face every time he went up. We couldn't stop laughing.

Kaylee and Austin were in hog heaven hauling Ben and Cort around in the John Deere at Uncle Ed's.

Austin loved Uncle Ed's cows. I love this pic of the boys. Carter didn't get much closer unless I was with him....

...even when Austin tried to coax him over.

Austin couldn't resist getting in with the cows.

Carter's cute, innocent face with a real nice bruise. No, we didn't beat him. He had a little fall on grandma and grandpa Robinson's stairs 5 minutes before leaving to Lewiston the day before. Poor guy.

The boys watching anxiously as Uncle Ed got the fireworks ready.

Let the show begin! I'm still a kid...right?

Brooks, me and Austin. Three peas in a pod that night.

Carter was a trooper this day. Woke up super early and was good basically all day. He wasn't even really scared of the fireworks as long as he had his chair and cookie.

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Janet Price said...

Loved the pictures so much!!!!!!! I lol at Carter on the teeter totter. I'm sure Grandpa was smiling that day as well. He loved the 4th and the traditions. Thanks for carrying them on. Made me a little homesick and sad that we weren't there. Maybe next year!