Friday, July 31, 2009

Space Cowboys (and girls)

After the cruise we had an entire day in Florida to kill since we got off the cruise ship early in the morning and our flight wasn't until 4pm. So we decided to take a VIP tour of Kennedy Space Center. The highlight, and lowlight, of the visit was the Space Shuttle Atlantis was supposed to land there while we were visiting. The lowlight is they said it was too cloudy and had to reroute it to Edwards Air Force Base. Apparently they REALLY don't like doing that since it costs 2 MILLION dollars to get it back over to Cape Canaveral. Holy rocket boosters! It was a great experience though and we learned a lot and saw some really sweet things. Including gators. :)

They always have one shuttle on standby when another is up in space in case a rescue mission is needed. This is the Space Shuttle Endeavor reading and waiting.

The largest one story building in the world. There are huge doors on the side that can open up high enough to roll the Statue of Liberty right into the building. Wow.

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