Friday, July 31, 2009

Scuba snacks anyone?

While in St. Martin Jess, her dad and I decided to do some scuba diving. Jess and I were pretty stoked since it had been a while and we love doing it. We were also going to a place called Shark Hotel and we were really, REALLY wanting to see a shark on this dive. Luck wasn't on our side and someone was already there diving so we couldn't go there. We were able to dive a shipwreck though and another maze of coral tunnels. The cool thing is there was a professional photographer that dove with us so we were able to get a bunch of pics. Really glad since we saw some cool things and......'the ray'. You'll see. :)


Jess and her dad touching the ray with me coming up from behind. I was coming to pet it, but Mark decided he wanted to see it swim so he grabbed it's wing and gave it a gentle nudge.....

....and it worked. Still wish I could have petted it though. Jess said it was pretty slimy. A lot more slimy than she expected. Maybe it needed a bath.

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Raina said...

Holy vacation!! Wow!!! I love all the pictures... and this looks like it took months to do all of this. How did your kids manage without you guys? I'm super jealous!