Monday, March 31, 2008

Been a while

So it's been a while since I last posted. Easter has come and gone. My mom has come and gone. The NCAA basketball tournament is still going and my Tarheels are still in the running. I have pictures from Easter and my mom's visit, but will have to put them up later. Since my last post it's been super hectic around here with my new job, trying to come up with a new website for Jess' dad Easter and then my mom being here. Pretty much every day has started at about 6:30am and I'm not done working until about 10:30pm. Well, except when my mom was here. When my family visits almost everything else gets put on hold if possible. Since we don't see them that much I figure it's okay. There are more important things in life than work. I'll be on again soon hopefully with a bunch of pics. Sorry this isn't more exciting.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay, besides Christmas, this is probably my favorite time of the year. I got to work on Thursday morning and told the Marketing Director that "Today is like Christmas for me". It really is. It's like every game is a new present waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed. The best part is, sometimes that 'present' just keeps getting better over the next couple of hours and if you're really lucky it comes down to the last few seconds and it's one of the best presents ever!

So I filled out a bracket......well, maybe 5, but that's really good for me. It's usually at least 7 or 8. I have my main, or my "Sheet of Integrity" (for those Mike & Mike in the Morning listners) and the others are just for fun or to win money from This year has thrown me for a few loops and I've only gotten 22 of 32 right so far. That's not too hot. Thankfully though, only 3 of my Sweet 16 teams are out so far, but all of my Elite 8 are still in the running.

Sure, I'd love to have a perfect bracket, but does it really matter? No. The only thing that matters is that North Carolina ends up being the only team to win 6 games in a row and walk away with the championship. Then we can come back next season and do it all over again as long as nobody leaves. (Please Tyler Hansbrough, come back and win it again. Pleeeeaaaaase. I'm begging and pleading with you. For the love of all that is holy, please come back)

For those that are interested my picks are as follows...

Sweet 16: UNC, Notre Dame, Louisville, Tennessee, Kansas, Clemson (lost), USC (lost), Georgetown, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Texas, UCLA, Drake (lost), Xavier, and Duke.

Elite 8: UNC, Tennessee, Kansas, Georgetown, Memphis, Stanford, UCLE, and Duke.

Final Four: UNC vs. Kansas and Memphis vs. UCLA. I know, it's boring with all of the #1 seeds in the Final Four, but they are all so strong. Really, any of them have a decent shot at being knocked out in the Elite 8, except Carolina. (c:

Championsip: UNC vs. Memphis with UNC winning 75-72

New job!!!

I haven't blogged about this yet and not sure why. Just trying to get back into the swing of things for a while. Anyway, I got a new job and this past week was my first week. I'm the new Graphic Designer for Deseret First Credit Union. It's been pretty fun so far and looks to only get better. I work in a nice place (even thought it takes 30 minutes to get to work) that has a large eating area, kitchen, workout room, sleeping/chill out room, and best of all......a super huge flat screen to watch March Madness on. Everyone is super nice and they really take care of their employees. Yesterday we all got an email at 10am saying there were Easter eggs hidden around the building with prizes inside. They had things like free candy bars, free DFCU shirts and gift certificates. I got a candy bar one, which I didn't mind. Nothing like a nice shot of chocolate at 10am to start the day. lol!!!

I just thought I'd share the news and my thankfulness to no longer work at the grocery store. Oh, for those of you who didn't know, I was the frozen foods manager at the local grocery store for the past 3 months since the real estate market has basically slowed to a crawl and my freelance design jobs weren't cutting it. It wasn't that bad, but working graveyard in a freezer while having a college degree started getting old pretty fast. Thank goodness for Deseret First Credit Union!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Better Is Better Than Your Better

I love these new Nike commercials.

Another version

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Okay, so a lot of you know my love for dance. I used to dance in my room all the time growing up. Now, I'm not talking about ballet or interpretive dance. I'm talking more like Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake dancing. Breakin' and Electric Bugaloo dance. I love break dancing. One of my old dreams was to be a Janet Jackson backup dancer. I didn't make it that far, but I did make it to the stage at Ricks College in a Lip Sync contest. It just wasn't the same.

One of my new favorite shows is called America's Best Dance Crew. There is a group on there that I've seen before called the Jabbawockeez and they are amazing. This past week's dance was extra awesome and I have to share it with those who haven't seen it. These guys are awesome. They were given a song and had to put a little of their own mix into it. They pulled Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) and they did it right.

I'm thankful to have a wife that just laughs and rolls her eyes sometimes when I start to break it down in the family room. I'm also thankful my kids have taken after me and we have many dance classes which are always funny to watch. Especially when they try to break dance. I'll have to get it on video and share one of these days.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

You have to believe

So as I was looking at a few friend's blogs this morning I came across one of my favorites and it made me smile. My friend, Natalie, talked about how amazing it is to think that her children have great potential. They could be and do anything with their lives. She continued by saying we are the same way. We just have to believe it and not tell ourselves that we can't. I'm a huge advocate of this philosophy.

Unfortunately most of the feedback I've received from my "Bucket List" hasn't been the most positive. Lots of people saying "There is no way you can do all that" or "What makes you think that is possible?". My response is usually "Why not?". It drives me even more and makes me want to prove them wrong when people say I can't or won't succeed at something. I'll admit, I can't do everything, but I can definitely try and know that without trying nobody would really know. I'd feel more unfulfilled if I didn't try than if I tried and failed. At least I knew I gave it a shot. And why try to bring me down? Why see my dreams and tell my I'll just fail? They're my dreams, not yours. I hope to have this blog for many years to come so that everyone can see me crossing off my Bucket List and realize anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Ever seen "Pursuit of Happyness" or "Rudy"? Yes, they're movies, but movies based on real events and those people had big dreams and achieved them because they believed.

I love a lot of the Successories posters and have 3 myself. One specific poster this post made me think of was of a basketball hoop. I'd like to share. "More often than not, those who win believe they can."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

My bucket list

So when I wrote my resolutions/goals for the year it got me thinking about my own personal "bucket list". For those of you who haven't seen the recent movie "The Bucket List" or don't know what it is, it's a list of things you'd like to do before you 'kick the bucket'. It took me two months to really think about this and I'm sure there will be more things added as time goes by, but this is the list as of right now. There are some adventurous and athletic things. Some are spiritual. Some monetary/worldly. Some personal. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts/dreams/aspirations with everyone. Like I've said before, if I put it out there then there is some accountability on myself to achieve these things.

Seth Price's Bucket List:

Write a book and have it published
Take Jess to Tahiti and stay in the bungalows on the water
Bungee jump
Go to NCAA basketball championship game
Go to Duke/UNC game in Chapel Hill
Sit front row at Laker game
Do a basketball camp with Michael Jordan
Coach a basketball team
Learn to water ski
Learn to wakeboard
Learn to snowboard
Own a cabin in the mountains
Go scuba diving with whales/sharks
Dive an old shipwreck
Go on a live aboard dive trip (stay on a boat for a week and scuba dive 5 times/day)
Drive a big rig
Build my dream home (big, swimming pool, indoor bball court, etc.)
Fish in Alaska for salmon and halibut
Go deep sea fishing for marlin, sea bass and sharks
Go hunting with dad (elk, deer, moose, whatever)
Do Lotoja (Logan to Jackson Hole bike race)
Do a week long bike ride
Do a triathlon (possibly the Hawaii Ironman someday)
Go on a really long cruise (4 day wasn’t long enough for us)
Go to Boston Red Sox game at Fenway against Yankees
Take Jess to Europe
Take Jess on an annual trip to Hawaii
Learn to fly a plane/helicopter
Drive a racecar on a Nascar racetrack
Ride a bull
Hold a world record in something
Do a week long cattle drive (like in City Slickers)
Do a road trip with the college buddies
Go spear fishing
Compete in the Utah Summer Olympics (maybe the basketball skills competition)
Learn to play the guitar, mandolin and banjo
Relearn how to play the piano decently
Climb Lone Peak in Draper, Utah
Be a student at the University of North Carolina (maybe get a degree?)
Drive a Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lambourghini
Visit at least 50 LDS temples
Start a charity/foundation
Sell a painting I painted
Last but certainly not least….Raise my kids well