Saturday, March 1, 2008

My bucket list

So when I wrote my resolutions/goals for the year it got me thinking about my own personal "bucket list". For those of you who haven't seen the recent movie "The Bucket List" or don't know what it is, it's a list of things you'd like to do before you 'kick the bucket'. It took me two months to really think about this and I'm sure there will be more things added as time goes by, but this is the list as of right now. There are some adventurous and athletic things. Some are spiritual. Some monetary/worldly. Some personal. I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts/dreams/aspirations with everyone. Like I've said before, if I put it out there then there is some accountability on myself to achieve these things.

Seth Price's Bucket List:

Write a book and have it published
Take Jess to Tahiti and stay in the bungalows on the water
Bungee jump
Go to NCAA basketball championship game
Go to Duke/UNC game in Chapel Hill
Sit front row at Laker game
Do a basketball camp with Michael Jordan
Coach a basketball team
Learn to water ski
Learn to wakeboard
Learn to snowboard
Own a cabin in the mountains
Go scuba diving with whales/sharks
Dive an old shipwreck
Go on a live aboard dive trip (stay on a boat for a week and scuba dive 5 times/day)
Drive a big rig
Build my dream home (big, swimming pool, indoor bball court, etc.)
Fish in Alaska for salmon and halibut
Go deep sea fishing for marlin, sea bass and sharks
Go hunting with dad (elk, deer, moose, whatever)
Do Lotoja (Logan to Jackson Hole bike race)
Do a week long bike ride
Do a triathlon (possibly the Hawaii Ironman someday)
Go on a really long cruise (4 day wasn’t long enough for us)
Go to Boston Red Sox game at Fenway against Yankees
Take Jess to Europe
Take Jess on an annual trip to Hawaii
Learn to fly a plane/helicopter
Drive a racecar on a Nascar racetrack
Ride a bull
Hold a world record in something
Do a week long cattle drive (like in City Slickers)
Do a road trip with the college buddies
Go spear fishing
Compete in the Utah Summer Olympics (maybe the basketball skills competition)
Learn to play the guitar, mandolin and banjo
Relearn how to play the piano decently
Climb Lone Peak in Draper, Utah
Be a student at the University of North Carolina (maybe get a degree?)
Drive a Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Lambourghini
Visit at least 50 LDS temples
Start a charity/foundation
Sell a painting I painted
Last but certainly not least….Raise my kids well


Anonymous said...

OK, we are going parasailing while at the Outer Banks beach house this summer. Liza, Becca and Tyler want to go too!

Love, Dad

sarah said...

I want to go parasailing too. good luck with that list, some of those are pretty lofty. I hope that you do it.

Anonymous said...


Shelly said...

I don't see why you couldn't do those things on your list! You better get crackin!

Paul said...

I wish you would learn to play the guitar or mandolin, I need some help at the once in a lifetime performance, I make for the Prices.
I lost your e-mail, you need to talk to Billy about New York, he lived there when in school.

Your "Black Sheep of the Family" Uncle, Paul