Thursday, February 28, 2008

Found on Google....AGAIN!!!

So what's up with random words and us on Google? I started seeing a lot of people coming to our site from doing Google searches about Bilibeds. I talked about Carter having to be on one for a while after he was born, but I didn't think there would be people from all over the world looking at the blog. It seems that we come up as the 5th main link from Google for anyone searching "Bilibed". Weird. The last people we had look at our site from a bilibed search were from Cusco, Peru. I'd like to apologize to them right now for the lack of knowledge and abundance of rambling they came across on this site.

Other popular searches that come up with our blog are "Rob and Big in the carwash" (google search result #14) from our Rob & Big blog. Also, "Need of having snow sneakers" (result #1) from our Sneakers, Spiders and Snow, Oh My!!! blog


Kristi said...

You're cool. I don't think I'm found on google. Wow!

Anonymous said...

That was happening to me too, I mean with all the interesting stuff I write about who wouldn't want to read my blog in Iraq, India or Switzerland. I finally figured out how to turn it off in the settings section, now I don't have random weirdos visiting my site so often. Now it's only weirdos I know. lol.

Tyler said...

When Becca mentioned George Clooney, Anderson Cooper and Ann Curry in our blog we had visitors from all over the place coming to our site, India, Italy, Sweden. Because of our George Clooney reference we were even put up as a link in some George Clooney fan site. Now that I have mentioned George Clooney three times in this post I am sure you are going to get some fan visits as well.