Sunday, February 3, 2008

Missing blogs?

Okay, so I had a friend tell me that she couldn't see my blog posts. I think she had to click on the title of the post to actually read the post itself. Is anyone else having this same problem? The reason I ask is because on my computer everything looks fine and dandy, but we were at my in-laws tonight and on their laptop, all the blogs are missing! What in the world? It would be so boring to visit my blog if that's how everyone else sees it! What a pain in the rear too if you have to click on the title of the blog each time just to read it instead of having it right there and ready for you when you got to the blog. It kind of irks me and I'm hoping there is a way to fix it. I was trying to figure out if maybe it was only certain PC's that couldn't see the posts. Anyway, please let me know if you have to go clicking around the page just to see any new posts or if you can actually see the posts and pics when you get to the page. Thanks!!!



Kristi said...

I've been able to see all your posts just fine!

Becca said...

seth, i know sometimes when we can't see posts that we have to click on the month or year in the blog archive. sometimes it also shows the posts a day or two after they were posted.

Your coolest friend ever said...

Yes and it's been that way for awhile, maybe since you started changing your background after christmas. Good luck fixing it!!!