Monday, February 4, 2008


So some people could see the posts and some couldn't. I switched the background to see if it helps at all. I just grabbed something real quick from pyzam, but it works. I've had Hawaii on my mind a lot lately and this is Hanama Bay on Oahu where we went snorkeling for hours last April. It was a great day full of getting our tans on, swimming with a sea turtle and chasing a huge parrot fish. Good times were had by all. So my blogging buddies, please let me know if this has fixed the posting problem. I hope so. I'm sure it was annoying having to go around and clicking on links in the archive just to read my latest post. Thanks!


joel and laura michelle said...

not fixed for me ... :( sorry!

sarah said...

I had that same problem with your. But I thought that it was just me, good to know that I am not going crazy.

Liza said...

It is fixed for me:) Thanks!