Friday, February 1, 2008

Resolution update

Seeing as an entire month of 2008 has flown by, I thought I'd give a quick update on some of my resolutions/goal for the year. Mainly too keep myself in check, but also because some people who read them are wondering how they are going and also don't think I can do it. I won't go through the whole list because it was pretty long. I'll just hit a few of them.

• I'm almost done with my first book, The Little Book of Value Investing. I didn't finish in Jan. but it's close enough.

• Been reading some of the Book of Mormon almost every day.

• Got better from being sick and started playing basketball 2-3 times/wk again. Run extra hard to get ready for the 5K. Running outside isn't going to happen right now. Me breathing really hard and cold air don't mix well. Good news is that Jess has decided to do it with me so we'll motivate each other.

• Haven't worked too much on the push-ups and need to start. I hurt my shoulder, but it's better now so no excuses.

• Don't have a pull-up bar yet, but will get one soon.

• I've definitely been more assertive so far. Haven't waited around or procrastinated too much. Makes for a much busier life though.

• I feel like I've been a better husband. Been more helpful, surprise treats, etc.

• Also feel like I've been a better father. Usually I don't like taking the kids to the store, but I'll offer to take one each time I go and they love it!

• I've lost a little body fat so far, but more surprisingly is I've lost 6 pounds!

• The website is coming along, slowly but surely.

That's it for now. We'll see what this month brings.

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