Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trips, quotes and prayers

So I’ve been wanting to write lately for a few reasons. One, we are taking a trip to NYC and then a Caribbean cruise in the next couple of months and we are trying to decide what to do while in NYC. We will be there three days, but neither Jess or I have ever been. We have some friends that live there and a lot of friends who have been so any input would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking more for something that the usual ‘tourist’ might not know about. Something off the beaten path.

I’ve also wanted to start sharing some quotes from our kids because they just seem to be so funny lately. Probably more so to us than anyone else, but I still want to share. One a while back was a discussion at the dinner table where Kaylee had just been the Kinder Star Student at school. Austin was about to be the Star Student at preschool and Kaylee was trying to figure out what it should be called.

Austin: I’m going to be star student at school daddy
Kaylee: No, you’re going to be the kinder star student
Austin: No, just the star student
Jess: If you are the ‘kinder’ star student because you’re in kindergarten then what would Austin be?
Kaylee: (thinking……..) preschool star student? No, the ‘pre’ star student
Austin: No, the four star student. I’m four now.

Guess he thought she said the ‘three’ star student. It was pretty funny for us because Austin was so matter of fact about it. Austin has also been doing really good at his prayers lately, but tends to rush sometimes. He’s started to combine the word ‘and’ with whatever word is at the end of each sentence, drag it out a bit and then have a pause while he thinks. His prayer last night went something like this….

“Bless us to be safeannnd……bless us to have a good day tomorrowannnd…….bless us to be healthyannnd……..bless kaylee to feel betterannnd……bless us to be happyannnd……” You get the picture.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today. Not the greatest, but at least something. More thoughts (hopefully deeper) will come shortly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The kids

Well I haven't been very good at taking pictures lately. Probably because nothing very exciting is going on around here. Here are a few moments that have been captured in the last couple of weeks.

Carter just hanging out watching TV. He is totally enthralled by Baby Einstein.
Here he is jumping on the bed and playing the piano.
McKaylee's self portrait
Some cute kids
Digging in the dirt
Gross. Is that dirt on my hand?
Oh well, I guess I'll just get dirty.
My partners in crime.