Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sneakers, Spiders and Snow, Oh my!!!

Yes, you read right. Sneakers, spiders AND snow all in the same week. I know, we get pretty crazy around here. We might need to settle down a little. Just wanted to share a snipet of our craziness with everyone.

Let's start with the sneakers. I've really been on a kick lately of working out. I have a specific pair of shoes that I do this in whenever possible (seems to be less and less lately). One day last week the kids were playing around the house and I had left my shoes out in the family room. I had been working in the office and decided to go work out that night. I got all ready and went to put my shoes on. I soon came to realize that a little fairy, let's call her Kayla to keep her identity safe, had untied and retied my shoes.........together. At first it was just a jumbled mess of shoestring, but when I picked up the first shoe to restring it and the second shoe followed close behind, I realized just how creative this little fairy was. I started laughing because after inspecting the craftsmanship, it was rather clever. Pictures had to be taken and shared to show just how creative these little fairies can be. So be on the lookout, you never know who they will strike next.

Now on to the spider. I was in the storage room of our garage last week looking for some stuff when something big and black caught my eye by my foot. It didn't take long for me to realize what it was since it was about 3 inches long and I could see the red hourglass shape without having to even bend down. Yep, we had a little visitor named Black Widow.

Finally on to the snow. It's a funny thing how when the kids see snow begin to fall they get so excited and can't wait to get their clothes on and go play. It's only funny because at the exact same time I'm grumbling unnamed words under my breath because I know it means the start of a lot of cold, a lot of high gas bills, a lot of colds and the worst part of all, a lot of shoveling. Yep, we already had our first snow of the season. It wasn't much, but enough to do some snow angels in the front yard. The kids loved it so it was hard to mumble and grumble for long when they're so gosh darn cute. This did however help us realize how much our kids have grown and that they need some new winter clothes.

Austin's blood will run both Aggie and Tarheel blue. Just as long as it's not Blue Devil blue we'll be just fine.

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