Monday, October 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Point Halloween Thing FHE

So we had family night last week with Jess' entire family. We decided to go down to Lehi and do the Thanksgiving Point Halloween thing they had. Can't remember exactly what it was called, but it should have been called "A really cold night with lots of jump houses and animals". That would have described it perfectly. Oh wait, add in "See Shawn Bradley on...." at the beginning. For those of you who are like my bro-in-law and don't know who Shawn Bradley is, he's a basketball player who is 7' 6" tall, played one year for BYU and then went and played in the NBA for several seasons and just retired a couple years ago. We passed each other on the sidewalk and he smiled. At least I think he smiled. It was kind of hard to tell since his head was so much higher than mine. Well, that was my highlight of the night, but here are the pics. Enjoy.

Jump house make ya.....JUMP! JUMP!

Jumphouse, Slide, Jumphouse, Slide, was never ending.

Gotta love the pony rides.

Who is more happy? Grandpa or Kaylee?

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DeCaires Family said...

I miss that place! Looks like a lot of fun!