Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carter Robinson Price

He's finally here! Carter Robinson Price arrived on Friday, October 26th at 1:39pm. He weighed a hefty 7 lbs. 13 oz. and was 20 in. long. Everything went great and Jess is a super trooper. Some quick details.....we didn't get much sleep the night before. We stayed up until midnight and then Austin woke us up at 5am walking around the house turning lights on and saying "Daddy, I hungry again". I swear the kid doesn't stop eating. So of course he could go back to sleep, but we couldn't so we got ready, dropped the kids off at Jess' parent's and got to the hospital at 7:30am.

Once at the hospital they got her all set up and got things going. We were a little disappointed to find out she was still only dialated to a 4 since she's been that way for over two weeks, but what do you do? They started her on pitosin and then broke her water at noon when she was dialated to a 5. An hour later, at 1pm, the dr. said she was a 6.5 and Jess warned him that she goes quickly from a 6-10 and he said he'd be around. Only 10 minutes later Jess buzzes the nurse and tells her she's feeling pressure, at 1:15 the dr. says she was indeed dialated to a 10, at 1:25 she started pushing and at 1:39 out popped Baby Boy Price. I call him that because we still didn't have a name at that point. We had it narrowed to two different names, but it didn't take long to realize he was a Carter.

After that it was your usual hospital stay. Nurses always coming in to check Jess' vitals, check the baby's vitals, bringing in food, bringing drugs, telling us he was ready to eat every couple of hours at night, etc. We had some visitors, watched a lot of tv, played with Carter, got cabin fever and took a walk around the maternity floor. I at least got to leave several times since Jess is a picky eater and the hospital food just didn't do anything for her. There were trips to the grocery store and Cafe Rio. I thought the food was pretty good myself, but I'll also eat about anything put in front of me.

Well, enough talking. Here are a bunch of pics. It was hard to narrow it down since we love looking at him and it probably doesn't seem narrowed down, but trust me, it is. Enjoy!

One last picture of Jess being pregnant just before we left her parent's house on Friday.

Less than 7 hours later after that first picture. You don't get much newer than this. He's only about 20 seconds old and I hadn't even cut the umbilical cord yet. Ya, he's pretty purple, but my mom and dad wanted to see the pic. Amazing what a little oxygen can do for a baby.

Austin couldn't stop giggling when he held Carter for the first time.

Kaylee was a little hesitant to hold Carter at first. She was really concerned about the 'owie' on his belly button. She liked his little hands though.

Our growing family. It's weird to see 5 of us now.

It had been a long day so Carter and I cuddled up on my 'bed' and took a little nap that night.

The following day was much less hectic. Not much happened and we didn't have any visitors until later. Carter was a lot more fun since he was more awake. It was amazing how much he changed from the first day to the second.

I love this picture because his eyes are open.

Carter and Jess having a moment.

Kaylee finally got brave enough to hold Carter and then she didn't want to stop. She probably gave him 20 kisses before she left. She'll be a great big sister.

Jess' parent's didn't want to stop holding him either.

Kaylee and Austin thought a highlight was the nurse bringing mommy food. Pretty sure they liked the food better than Jess did.

As Kaylee and Austin would say, there's our "hot baby" because they have a "hot mama". They've said this several times in the last month and I think it's hilarious. Wonder where they got that from? Hmmmmm......

Carter and I watched Boston beat the Rockies in game 3 of the World Series. We got to sit in mommy's bed because she was tired of being in it. We didn't mind trading places for a while. Go Boston!!!

Had to have at least one pic of Carter with no clothes on.

All bundled up and ready to go home.

Didn't take me long to do what I love the most. Cuddle with our new baby boy on the couch and fall asleep watching football. It doesn't get much better.


Raina said...

Look at that good looking baby boy! We are SO excited for you and can't wait to see more pictures. Jess... you look way too beautiful to have just had a baby. I hope I look that good after we have ours.

Kristi said...

Seth, Thanks for the blog link. I spent a while reading all of it. Your family is so beautiful!! Congrats on your new addition. I love the name Carter as well. You all look so happy, it makes me happy too:)

The Johnson's said...

Yea!! And a baby makes 5! Still, if I see one more picture of Jess looking like a freaking super-model 5 seconds after giving birth, I might wear a paper bag over my head indefinatly. Seriously, Carter is beautiful. I love your little family and can't wait to spend some more time with you! Jess- sorry to hear the hospital doesnt serve cereal or Tang.

The Queen Bee said...

Congratulations! Carter is sooo cute! Good luck with three, it is a lot of fun. :)

DeCaires Family said...

congrats! The pictures are great and Jess looks way to go for just having a baby.

sarah said...

Congrats! He is so cute. He must take after his mother. HAHAHA I am glad that you chose Carter over Nike or Espn. I had a boyfriend in college that wanted to name our first boy Nike--I dumped him. YOu are lucky.

The Lee's said...

congrats you happy little family you! we're really excited for you :) jake & tracy

The Lee's said...

of course this is what i do at work all day! i'm getting paid to sit here and create my blog, why not, eh? if you had my job, you would definitely understand :)

100 Percent Cottam said...

congrats, you guys! what a beautiful baby and a beautiful family! tell your wife that it's just not right for her to look so cute right after giving birth! :)