Sunday, March 9, 2008

You have to believe

So as I was looking at a few friend's blogs this morning I came across one of my favorites and it made me smile. My friend, Natalie, talked about how amazing it is to think that her children have great potential. They could be and do anything with their lives. She continued by saying we are the same way. We just have to believe it and not tell ourselves that we can't. I'm a huge advocate of this philosophy.

Unfortunately most of the feedback I've received from my "Bucket List" hasn't been the most positive. Lots of people saying "There is no way you can do all that" or "What makes you think that is possible?". My response is usually "Why not?". It drives me even more and makes me want to prove them wrong when people say I can't or won't succeed at something. I'll admit, I can't do everything, but I can definitely try and know that without trying nobody would really know. I'd feel more unfulfilled if I didn't try than if I tried and failed. At least I knew I gave it a shot. And why try to bring me down? Why see my dreams and tell my I'll just fail? They're my dreams, not yours. I hope to have this blog for many years to come so that everyone can see me crossing off my Bucket List and realize anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Ever seen "Pursuit of Happyness" or "Rudy"? Yes, they're movies, but movies based on real events and those people had big dreams and achieved them because they believed.

I love a lot of the Successories posters and have 3 myself. One specific poster this post made me think of was of a basketball hoop. I'd like to share. "More often than not, those who win believe they can."


Raina said...

GO Seth!!! I love the bucket list. There is nothing like "the law of attraction". I'm a big believer in writing down your goals, looking at it often, and waiting for everything to happen. I love your determination!!

100 Percent Cottam said...

great thoughts!!! what a bummer that people aren't rooting you on more. i'm super impressed by your big dreams and aspirations. you are so right - if you can dream it, you CAN do it!

Tyler said...

Seth, don't listen to any of those non-believers. People think that if you make a list and don't accomplish everything on that list then you failed, but I say even if you accomplish one thing on that list, then it was a sucess. You have your whole life to try and accomplish that list and I am sure as time goes on some new things will be added and some things you may not want to do anymore. but the important thing is you have something tangible to reach for. By the way, since we have some of the same things on our lists, if you have two tickets to the NCAA championships, or I do, then we will give each other the extra ticket.