Monday, August 27, 2007

Summer cold

There's not much worse to me than having a head cold in the summer. It came on really strong last night and this morning it was a full fledged assault on my body. Mainly my head though. It just continues to pound and my nose runs and my eyes water and I can't breathe. The biggest reason I don't like it is because it just makes everything else seem worse. Outside it is really nice today, but to me it's too hot and I can't breathe. I don't have a ton I have to do today, but right now it still feels like too much. The kids are being pretty good, but they are still driving me crazy by making huge messes and then not cleaning up.

Then it happened. The thing that changed it all. I had just finished being upset with Kaylee and Austin for not cleaning after asking them to do so about 5 times. They were crying and I was fixing lunch. Then it was quiet for a little while and out of nowhere Kaylee says "Hey daddy!" and I asked her "What?" with a scowl on my face. Then as if she wasn't in trouble or anything she begins to sing "Thiiiiis iiiiiis thhhhheeee waaaaay I live, little boys still pushing big wheels". If you don't know, that's a song by Baby Boy called The Way I Live. Now how am I supposed to be mad at her when she's trying to cheer me up and is so dang cute singing that song? I couldn't. So we had lunch together, I'm writing this blog while they try to clean again and then we're all taking naps. Hopefully long ones.


Anonymous said...

How cute!! Kaylee sounds like she is going to be a funny girl, just like her dad is a funny guy!

Becca said...

oh sorry that was me who said that last thing. :) heehee.

H.L.H said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad your kids can cheer you up.

sarah said...

That totally sucks that you are sick. I hate when I get mad at my kids, I just wish they would listen to me the first time then I wouldn't have to yell. :)
Hope you feel better.