Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Long weekend

I can't even remember the start of the weekend, but that's probably because Saturday was pretty boring for us. Jess was gone most of the day running errands, being a model for her sister who goes to esthetician school, and doing someone's hair at the house while I cleaned some, did some work and watched the kids. Our nephew, Wyatt got baptized today and we really wish we could have been there for it. I would have much rather been there than here.

Sunday was a really long day. I was at the church from 8-4:30pm and got home just in time to change, help make dinner, eat and say bye to Jess as she went to a "Girl's night' with her cousins who were also her roommates in college. They were supposed to be up most of the night and sleep over, but Jess said they are all getting old and she called at 11 saying she was on her way home. LOL!!!!!

Monday was Labor day and boy was it a day of labor. Mowing the lawn. Edging. Weeding. Fixing sprinklers. Cleaning the entire house. Doing laundry. Mopping the floors. Getting stuff together to go to the beach this weekend. It was nice to see that when I went to Home Depot that I wasn't the only one celebrating Labor Day with lots of labor. The place was packed! Everyone and their brother were there getting stuff to do that day. Well, we got our stuff done and went to the in-laws for a quick FHE and dessert. My favorite part of the day was Austin coming into the backyard and wanting to help push the mower. He's always been scared of the loud noise it makes, but yesterday he came running up and so he helped me mow several strips across the backyard. I loved it.

Looking back it seems like a boring weekend. Jess gone all day Sat., me gone all day Sun. then both of us doing work around the house/yard yesterday. Oh well, we'll have all of next week to sit back and relax on the beach, right?

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