Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're back!!

So we just got back a couple days ago from a nice little trip to Va. to see my family. While there we took a week long trip down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to a little town called Duck and stayed at a beach house for a week. It was great! We have a lot of pics and I'm getting back into the blogging world. It's something I enjoy when I do it, but when it gets behind it seems like a chore to catch up. Guess the only solution is to not get behind again. I'll write again soon with lots of pics and stories. For a quick glance at one thing we did while in Duck check out my little sister's blog here. Stay tuned!


Kristen & Jason said...

Where in the world? How did you find ME? I love seeing your adorable family- how fun! I can't believe it. It's been like 9 years or so hasn't it!?! You look like you are doing well. Now I'll have to check in on you guys every now & then! Cute pics! Kristen

Jacobson Five said...

That is funny. Yeah I recognize you, we hung out at Delta Phi a lot. That is funny that you know Amy as well. I did not know her at Ricks, we served our missions together. Small World.

J.J. said...

I just read my comment, and yes I do know who you are, I knew a lot of the guys from Delta Phi, those were such fun times, and I glad to find more people from Ricks. When we all get together again you and your wife should come a long, I think this time we want to do something without the kids.