Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here we go

This is my first attempt to catch up on the last 2-3 months of our lives. It will be more pictures than writing, but they are definitely more fun to look at than my ramblings. the last few months.......

Kaylee and I had a Daddy/Daughter date. We went to IHOP to have their Horton Hears a Who breakfast which was pancakes covered in bright blue and purple syrup with a sucker on top and then green eggs & ham. Then we went and saw Horton Hears a Who and stuffed our faces. It was great.

Kaylee has started sharing her precious bear with Carter and he loves it.

Kaylee turned 5!!

And Jess made her a beautiful cake.

Kaylee got her ears pierced for her birthday.

And was spoiled like crazy.

I also had a birthday on May 7th. 32 years old!! Austin was the chef.

Jess made it look good as usual. She knows my addiction to chocolate and my favorite desserts being yellow cake with chocolate frosting or fudge brownies so she combined the two. I was in heaven!

I couldn't help myself.

Carter is still our beautiful little peanut.

The dreaded 'bath picture with the brother/sister' to show the future boyfriends/girlfriends.

Kaylee graduated preschool in the spring and will be going to kindergarten in 3 WEEKS!

Austin still likes to show off his muscles.

Don't ask.

Kaylee also had a dance recital. She was great!

That's it for now. I was having some technical difficulties. I'll do another post hopefully soon with pics from our trip to Virginia and the beach house and also the 4th of July.


Tyler said...

Your kids are looking great and those cakes mad me very hungry. It was good seeing you all at the beachhouse in June.

Christina said...

Happy be-lated birthday. And the rings?? I know it's your secret desire to pierce up like that, huh? LOL. Kaylee is really close to Kelsey's age. I bet they would be good buddies. Kelsey's my little "princess" too. She is so jealous that you let Kaylee get her ears pierced. We're waiting until the big #8. Horrible parents we are! CUTE CUTE kids!

Kristi said...

Nice to know you haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Kaylee is so gorgeous! We'll have to hook her up with Zac in Oh 14 years!

Jason't fav cake is also yellow with choc frosting. His b-day is Thurs but since I can't do a great homemade yellow cake, I'm doing chocolate with heath and caramel.

Messages from the Martins said...

Hi Seth and Jess!!! I love the blog! Do you remember me? I was Jessica's roommate at good ol' Ricks College ages ago and of course Seth's FHE sister, too. How are you both? You have beautiful children! How fun! It was so random that I found your blog. I was looking for people I have known tonight on facebook and thought, hmm... I wonder where Jess and Seth are. So I did a google search to see if I could find you and wala!!! Here you are!I got your wedding invitation when I came home from my mission but I saw John in the MTC and he told me about it first! I went to Japan by the way. Boy, was I surprised but also so excited for both of you. Jessica was my favorite roommate although I loved all of the roommates that year and when John told me that Jessica was marrying Seth I thought, That is perfect! You were always such good friends and really what better starting point could you have!
So hey email me. And although my blog is new and doesn't have very many posts you are welcome to check it out! Looking forward to hearing from you both! Jenny Lynne Martin (formerly Borders)

Kristen & Jason said...

Looks like a fun time! Remember when you brought me a light house for my mom back from VA? oh the memories! Nice piercings turbo! Happy birthday! It's fun to see your cute family!