Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

About the only way Austin will give anyone a kiss these days is if he has these fake lips in his mouth. They thought they were pretty fun to play with. I think they thought their mom was crazy when she asked them to give each other a kiss.

Carter giving his webkinz some good loves.

Kaylee had silly glasses day at school. These are the ones she picked.

Seth and Jess at a Jazz game. It was pretty awesome to sit in a suite. I think we gained 5 pounds though. So much for the diet.

All bundled up to go outside in the freezing cold. Do you like the socks on his hands???

Sledding, Sledding, and more sledding.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!  It was fun to see some pictures and hear from you.  Those kids just get cuter everyday but then I am just the Grandma!  :)Did you get the package?Love to you all!  :)