Monday, January 4, 2010

Catchin' Up

Catchin' up is hard to do so one of my goals for this new year is to keep up with the blog better. I want to do at least one post a month. The first thing I want to do is to catch up really quick. We've missed Carter's birthday, my parents visiting, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Austin's birthday and Christmas. So to start it off I'm just posting a bunch of pics from just after our trip to Powell all the way up to Christmas. I'll get Christmas pics uploaded and posted soon.

Austin got to go to the pumpkin patch with his preschool class. He always loved going with McKaylee and now it's Carter's turn to have fun as the little tag-a-long. They loved it!

I love this pic of my boys.

Kaylee getting ready for her transformation into Snow White for Halloween.

Transformation complete!

The kids loved having my parents in town. It was even better that they were here for Carter's birthday and the next day was my dad's!

Carter LOVES opening presents and couldn't wait to start ripping open.

Carter ALWAYS has the funniest faces. So glad we were able to catch this one of him as he was blowing out candles.

The kids (and their cousins) on Halloween. Austin as Snake Eyes, Kaylee as Snow White and Carter as Batman.

Carter always wants to be by us. He decided to make himself a little bed next to the desk while we were working one day.

One of my new favorite pics of the kids. Jess had them outside helping rake the few leaves we had so they could play in them.

The boys enjoying one of the first snows of the season.

Kaylee was a HUGE helper on Thanksgiving. We got to Jess' parents house and she just wanted to help cook, bake and clean everything.

I can never get enough Jess so I decided to tie myself up in her apron. This is definitely not one of the times where the apron strings needed to be cut. :) Just a week or so before we had told her family we were expecting baby #4 in June!

We lost Austin for a while. He's a Wii freak!

After Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas tree that weekend and the kids totally enjoyed helping with the ornaments.



Bobbidee said...

Congrats on #4, and awesome pics! I can't believe all those good ones of Carter's face-he is hilarious!

Becca said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! Those are some cute kiddos! :) Thanks for updating the blog and putting up so many pictures! Carter's faces are priceless...I love it. :) Austin and Spencer need to get together to play video games, they would be at it all day long those two. And Kaylee is getting more gorgeous by the day. Seth, you better watch out, boys are going to be showing up at the house only too soon. :)

Janet Price said...

That was a fun surprise today! I check your blog quite often to see if there are new pictures or anything. I loved all the pictures. You have such a sweet, beautiful family. Love you all and miss you.