Friday, September 12, 2008

Going Private

Well, it seems to be what a lot of my friends are doing lately and I think we're to that point also. We're setting our blog to private soon and wanted to let everyone know. If you'd still like to be able to view our blog, please send me an email at I'll keep it public for one more week so hopefully all our friends/family see this beforehand. We'll go private next week sometime. I think you can still ask for permission to see the blog after it goes private, but I still wanted to give everyone a heads up. Hope everyone is doing well.


Thomas Nicholson said...

Dearest Price's,

Although I am certain you have well founded reasons for "going private", I must object. As a frequent reader of thepricesright, one of it's biggest fans actually, I hereby vow to cease reading your blog...well...that is unless you intend to make me a member?!

Potentially faithfully yours,


michelle said...

put us on your list - we love to see updates!
michael and michelle dudley

Favorite Aunt Liza said...

I hate that you have to go private. I look at your blog almost daily hoping to see cute pictures of my niece and nephews and wanting to hear all their fun stories.

Christina said...

Hey~ count me in! Thanks!

Raina said...

I too am protesting, but if you must... include me me me as a friendly viewer! :D

sarah said...

I agree with those other people I don't know about protesting but if you must I would like to be added as a friend.