Tuesday, September 30, 2008

1st time for everything

Austin's first day of preschool. He was so excited to bring the sharing bag

Kaylee's first soccer game. I think she was more concerned about her uniform than she was about the game.

She bounces more than she runs.

Austin started karate. He loves doing this move right here.

Cute Carter

Kaylee and Austin patiently reading and waiting for mom and dad to get ready for church

Lounging on the couch with Grandma

Kaylee and Austin pretending to play the drums

Carter had his own drum, or tupperware that he was banging on his highchair.

Pretty cute kids if I do say so myself. I might be a little biased.


Dan said...

cute kids.

Janet Price said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I loved them. All of a sudden, Austin looks so grown up. Hey, my vote is that you have cute kids too. Love to all, Mom

Liza said...

Austin does look very grown up in his "first day of preschool" picture. I must say that they are very cute NIECE AND NEPHEWS!

Christina said...

Can we betroth Austin to my Brynlee?