Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Carter, Carter, Carter...and some

Carter eating his bottle with his feet up.

We're finally starting to crawl. Only 11 months old, but who's counting?

Carter found a new favorite toy. Daddy is so proud.

All the kids playing together.

Carter standing...kind of

I left the kitchen for a minute, and when I came back every cupboard and drawer was opened. That's Kaylee for you.

Kaylee ready for soccer practice.

Mommy and Austin

Daddy and Kaylee

Who's ready for snow? My kids are. They were asking to go play in the snow from the second they woke up and saw it outside.

Who's ready for Halloween? kids are!!!


Dan said...

all the drawers open reminds me of the very first summer at Ricks. Matt Tom and I had a roommate who did the drawer thing, and had a broom and was pretending that it was the civil war or something. Cute for a kid. Bizarre for a college student.

Janet Price said...

Love the pictures. Can't wait to see you all again. The kids are just changing so fast. Thaanks for sharing.
Love to you all, Mom

Aunt Liza said...

Where did you get those cute Halloween shirts? Wyatt thinks they are cool and wants one. Hello McKaylee, Austin AAAANNNNNDDDD Carter!

Tyler said...

I think I may get Carter a Duke basketball jersey for christmas?

The Sims said...

So is he walking yet?? Carson is thinking about it. He is just a little nervous to actually move. We shall see.

Our Life said...

Dan...I remember that!! It was SOOOO bizarre!! Wasn't that dude acting out Last of the Mohicans? Weird dude. Cereal addict, if I recall.