Monday, November 19, 2007

Music of the week

So the layout changed for Thanksgiving and so did all the songs. Sorry, no Thanksgiving songs, but these will suffice. Here are the meanings behind the songs.

Scissor Sisters-A friend introduced me to a site a while back where you could paste your head onto a dancing person. It was a promo for Scissor Sisters and this was the song playing. It's catchy and I dig the disco vibe. I heard it on tv this past week and it lit the fire within once again.

Elephant Love Medley-I've known about this song from Moulin Rouge for a few years, but never seen the movie until 2 weeks ago when Jess' brother had us watch it. Once again, a blast from the past that I can't get out of my head since then.

Eye of the Tiger & Good Vibrations-I've started playing basketball in the mornings at 5:30 to get back into shape. I remember listening to these songs to get pumped up when I played ball back in the day. They also motivate me and there are a few business opportunities coming up that I'm excited about and I've been singing "Eye of the Tiger" all week.

Our Song & No One-Just two other songs stuck in my head.


vegashollands said...

Love your new layout. We could use a little help with ours. We are running into a blogging wall. I love the pictures of Mckaylee and Austin playing together so well. I think it is every parents dream to have their kids be kind to each other. We are working on that.

Liza said...

I am such a huge Taylor Swift fan right now. Thanks for bringing back those tunes- I have it on while I am busy on the computer. You can never get too much Marky Mark:)

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day! Cool new songs!