Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tis the season

So it's time to change the mood for the blog to Christmas. It's that time of year and since we've already decked our halls here at home I figured it was time to deck the blog too. I'll have some new pics soon of the lights, tree and kids, but until then just enjoy the new music.

I was a little disappointed in the Project Playlist database when looking for songs for my list. They didn't have all of my favorites so that's why there are only a few songs so far. I'll look for more once I have time. I still really like the versions I found. Some by new artists and some by old. One of my new favorites is by Relient K and even though I couldn't find it on Project Playlist, I found it on MySpace. So if you'd like to hear their version of Sleigh Ride, head on over and take a listen.

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