Friday, November 30, 2007

Songs of the week (belated)

So I didn't update my songs for the week/what I'm singing in the shower and I felt bad because my sister, Becca, who is living in Africa has no music. So she always tells me that she gets on her computer and listens to my blog while her and Spencer dance around. I put up the new Christmas music which is a lot of what I've been singing lately with the kids, but I had to also put up some of the non-Christmas stuff as well for Becca. Now for some quick explanations.

Love Like This: I've liked this song for a while and then I saw the video and liked it more. I have a small crush on Natasha and her voice is pretty hot. It's just a fun song to sing.

Taking Chances: Celine Dion was on Oprah a few weeks back. Jess Tivo's Oprah so she can watch it during Carter's mid-night feedings. Well, she was watching it the other day and I heard this song. I had no idea it was Celine and liked it. I was shocked to find out it was Celine because it didn't sound like her usual stuff.

I had to keep 'I don't feel like dancing', 'Elephant love medley' and 'Eye of the tiger' because I'm still singing them.

Low: Just a good song to bump to in the car.

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Becca said...

What an awesome brother I have! Thanks for the new songs, we love that you kept some of the old ones. Spencer is now singing "dancin', dancin'" and "Eye of The Tiger". :) Oh, and a little surprised that you have Celion on there. Thanks again!