Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tagged again!

Well, things have been pretty busy here in the Price household lately. I haven't had time to do much with my blog like change my background, my songs of the week or anything else for a while. I have some time this morning and was looking at a few friends blogs and noticed I had been tagged. This one should be kind of fun.

Random Thought:
I was tagged by Kristi to disclose 7 interesting things about me. Here goes:

1. I have 21 screws in my mouth. Some of you know this, some of you don't. I had jaw surgery when I was 17 and they used screws to put it back together since it's kind of hard to put a cast on a jaw. They are still there and always will be. I can even feel the ones across my upper gum line and no, they don't set off metal detectors.

2. I have a fear of deep water. Well, if I can't see or feel the bottom. It starts to freak me out. My overactive imagination takes over or something. It's probably the worst in lakes which is ridiculous because I'm a lot bigger than anything in there, but it still happens. If I can see the bottom it's okay though like when we went scuba diving. We jumped in where it was 85 ft. deep, but I could see the bottom and everything was fine.

3. Hi, my name is Seth and I'm addicted to fantasy sports. I've started getting control over it the last year or so. I love crunching numbers and doing live drafts. If I could get paid to play fantasy sports I'd be the happiest millionaire in the world. Seriously. I've cut back though because I've realized how important family time is. I have half as many teams as I had two years ago.

4. I'm a HUGE dreamer. Because of that I set lofty goals for myself. Some people criticize me for it saying I'm just setting myself up for failure. I look at it like I wouldn't have even been able to do half of it if I hadn't set the goal in the first place. Then if I do end up achieving my goal it's a great feeling. Just wait until you see my resolutions in January and you'll know what I'm talking about.

5. I've been on ESPN's Sportscenter. It was always a dream of mine and it finally happened last year. Jess got us tickets to sit on the front at the Jazz/Lakers game. I'm a Lakers fan and we sat right behind their bench. I mean RIGHT BEHIND. We were about 6 feet away from Kobe Bryant and he even gave me five while walking out of the tunnel after halftime. I was the only one. It was awesome. Anyway, during Sportscenter they had a shot of him sitting on the bench and you could totally see Jess and I sitting right behind him plain as day. We recorded it and I will always cherish it.

6. Jess and I had several 'connections' before we even got married. She met one of my best friends and college roommate, Tom, while he was on his mission in Germany and she was traveling Europe singing with her H.S. music group. They realized this at Ricks when our apartments first met. I served my mission in So. Cal. and in my last area I went to church at the same building as her grandparent's. Her brother originally got his mission call to my same mission, but it later got changed. Oh, and we dated each other's roommates before we got married. It was meant to be.

7. I'm a HUGE University of North Carolina basketball fan. I have the shorts, shirts, hats, beanies, banners, shoes and even a UNC Nutcracker that is on my desk right now. One of my dreams/goals in life is to go to a UNC/Duke basketball game. If I ever get a ferrari, I may just have to paint it UNC blue. If I had ever gotten a tattoo it most likely would be the UNC logo or maybe Michael Jordan logo (he went to UNC) or the Nike swoosh (Jordan made Nike what it is). If I could, I'd want my eyes to be UNC blue. I want a swimming pool with the UNC logo in the bottom. I'm planning on taking an online class from UNC just to say I was a student there at one time. Yep, it's an obsession that goes along with fantasy sports and chocolate.

Okay, I'm supposed to tag 7 people. I think I'll tag Megan, Kristie, Becca, Cindy, Heidi, Raina and Sarah.


Raina said...

Very nice... thanks for being my first tag. I loved reading about ya.

The Metler Family said...

I answered your tag - go check out my page!