Monday, November 19, 2007

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Yep, that's Kaylee and Austin. They go together like peanut butter and jelly. There is a song called peanut butter and jelly on a cd we have that they love to sing and it always reminds me of them. If you see one of them, the other isn't far behind. It's been hard for Austin since Kaylee's been going to preschool. He always asks when she'll be home and is excited to see her when he wakes up from his nap.

They are always playing together and Kaylee was actually the one to help Austin go potty for the very first time last month. I was on the phone, Jess was gone, Austin came and said he needed to go potty (but he had never actually gone before) so Kaylee took him into the bathroom, sat on the big toilet across from him and cheered him on. Next thing you know I get off the phone & Jess walks in the door as Kaylee is running around yelling that Austin went potty and clapping her hands. She was so excited!

So here are a few recent pics of them together. Only one of them is posed and you can guess which one that is. The rest are just from sneaking up on them while playing.

I just hope that Carter won't feel left out as he gets older. They are really good with him, but we may need to have one more so Carter and the other one can be the slices of bread on that pb&j sandwich.

Here they were playing house and it was 'naptime'. I almost didn't catch it. You can see that Austin is starting to smile because he heard me trying to get closer to them.

They LOVE looking at all the toy magazines coming for Christmas.

The only downside of them playing together so well. Jess just kept laughing. I kept asking him to go change. They thought it was hilarious.


Anonymous said...

You go Austin!!!! I loved him all dressed up like a princess. Only a real man would let you take a picture of him looking like that.

Love to you all, Mom

Liza said...

I needed that last picture- I just kept looking at it and laughing out loud. Go Kaylee! Maybe Austin does need some dress up clothes for Christmas. Have a gret Thanksgiving. We will miss having you with us, but we will have the Wii all to ourselves:)