Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 Resolutions/Goals

Warning: before reading this blog you may want to take a seat. Well, that only goes for those of you who stand at your computers.

Here is a little secret I'm about to share with a lot of you that you have never known about me. Partly because it's only started happening the last 4 or 5 years and I don't usually share it with too many people. I'm a goal/resolution junky. I'm not just a junky, I'm an addict. I'm anal about it too. I'll break each one down into mini goals that help me to reach the main goal. I won't include all of that, but I will include what I think the main step for me is to achieve that goal. I don't share it with many people because when I have in the past most of them asked me why I would set myself up for so much failure. That usually bugs me and pushes me even harder to achieve my goals. So if any of you want to help me out, just post a comment telling me that there is no way I'll achieve all of my goals for 2008. This will also give me some accountability.

As you will soon see, I go a little overboard with goals. Sometimes there are just a lot and other times they are just a bit far fetched. This is what I like though. If they were easy then they wouldn't really be goals. It would be more of a to-do list. Goals are meant to push you and I like pushing myself and seeing my growth over a year. I set a lot of high goals for myself last year and some I achieved and others I didn't, but even with the ones I didn't reach I did better than if I had never set the goal in the first place. Does that make sense? For example: I made it a goal to lose 15 lbs. and get to 15% body fat. Well, I lost the 15 lbs. and it was hard to measure the body fat with our scale (which I don't know how accurate it is), but I lost around 4-5% body fat. Now if I had never set that goal I wouldn't have even tried. Some other goals I set last year that I was able to achieve were:
• Read 12 books
• Read the Book of Mormon
• Get Jess pregnant
• Don't be so self conscious
• Play less fantasy sports

I definitely didn't reach all of my goals, but most of them I at least got half way. That's why I don't see it as a disappointment. As one of my old mission companions once said "It's better to shoot for the stars and land on the moon than shoot for the moon and land in a pile of crap". In other words, shoot high and either hit it or land in the middle OR shoot low and don't achieve anything. So here are my goals/resolutions for 2008.

Read a book each month (below are some that are on my list for this year already)
The Twilight Series (Stefenie Meyer)
New Moon
(4th book comes out this fall)
Think Big and Kick A** (Donald Trump)
Faith of our Fathers Vol. 1 (Nancy Campbell Allen)
Chesapeake (James A. Michener)
Wooden on Leadership (John Wooden)
Some sort of book about Stonewall Jackson since I’m related

Read The Book of Mormon
Use to send me an email every morning with my reading for the day
Run 5K
Continue playing bball twice a week and start running in the spring
50 push-ups in a row
Start out doing 50 push-ups/3 days a week (not consecutive). Then 75. Then 100.
20 pull-ups in a row
Get pull-up bar and do it opposite days of push-ups.
Take Jess out at least once a month
Pick a night at the beginning of each month and stick to it.
Be a better husband (dates, surprises, helping)
Remember what it was like in college
Be a better father (read, play, play dates)
Remember all the things I wanted to do with the kids before ‘getting too busy’
Learn a song on the piano
Pick a song and practice some each week
Be more assertive
Just do it
Don’t procrastinate
Act immediately
Close a commercial real estate deal
Make calls and network
Lose 5% body fat
Check starting body fat%
Eat better
Do sprint triathlon
Find out the distances and start training for each event
Start drawing again
Draw the picture for my grandpa that he’s always wanted
Build/design a website
Start with making new website for
Take the family camping
Get sleeping bags and go
Read more to the kids
Make time and do it at least twice a week
Be more clean
Don’t be as messy in the first place
Be able to grab the basketball rim again
Add more jumping routines and leg exercises into my workouts
Learn to waterski/wakeboard
Go out on the boat more this summer
Go snowskiing again with Jess
Go before the snow melts!
Take the family fishing
Maybe combine with camping or a Lake Powell trip
Get Austin fully potty trained
We’re working on it
Jess pregnant?
We’ll see (I think this is more her goal, but not until Dec.)

Well, there you have it. I'm sure a lot of my friends are asking who the heck this is and what did I do with their friend Seth. Yep, if only I had been this way in college. If anyone has any suggestions for books (or any of my goals) I'd love to hear them.


Kristi said...

WOW- you aren't the Seth I remember!!:) So many goals way to go. I laughed at the getting Jess pregnant part. If she is ready for another baby so soon-I'm impressed! As for books, I recommend The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio. It was our bookclub book a few months ago and was a great read!

vegashollands said...

I recommend taking jess out every week and if that is not possible then at least have some sort of home date after the kids are in bed. I would like that as well. (with Matt) You can pass it along if you want. :)

vegashollands said...

One more thing. I am very impressed with your goal setting. I too can get a little carried away with the goal setting. I don't think yours are over-the-top though. They seem like very practical and important things to be working on. Good luck to you.

The Price's said...

That's for the comments Kristi and Kristie. I'll definitely check out the book and I'd love to take Jess out once a week, but with work, callings, work, kids, and work, it's pretty hard. The home date isn't such a bad idea.

The Price's said...

I meant "Thanks for the comments", not "That's". See what sleep deprivation does to a body?

joel and laura michelle said...

thank you for not giving us details on how you plan on helping jess get pregnant! i think we've all got the covered! happy new year :)