Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes, I'm finally getting to the Christmas blog. It's only about 3 weeks late, but better late than never. Let's get straight to the pics.

I swear this age has been the hardest to get decent pics of Kaylee and Austin. I'm not kidding. We seriously took about 20 of these and this was the best one. Austin has this thing of doing a fake smile and also turning his eyes away from the camera. Oh well, they're still cute.

They finally did better after adding the baby into the picture. Go figure.

Had to add this one. Carter was just sitting on the couch, ready for church and smiling away.

This is at Jess' parent's house on Christmas Eve. We open all our gifts from each other and Kaylee got an American Girl doll along with her cousins. She didn't really know what it was besides a regular doll, but she loves it.

Austin's main gift was a chair from Pottery Barn that has a Batman logo on the bag. I thought this face was priceless. He was SOOO excited and had been asking for this for weeks.

The calm before the storm.

Austin ran straight to his bike and would continue to get on it between each gift.

What little girl doesn't love a kitchen set with tons of food. For some reason it seems like most of our friends got their little girls kitchens and food. The year of the kitchen?

Carter was just happy to be here and we were happy to have him.

I just like this pic of Jess and Carter.

This was later on Christmas Day. Austin was all ready to go to Jess' parents house for dinner and he wanted to sit in his chair and watch basketball. We came out a few minutes later and this is what we found. So cute.


The Johnson's said...

What a happy family! I can't believe how beautiful Carter is and I cant wait to meet him! Love you guys!

vegashollands said...

First I have to say that you are married to Katherine Heigel(sp?) Jess you are beautiful!! (This is Kristie--although, I am sure Matt would agree) Next, Your kids are beautiful. I always admire kids with perfectly flawless skin. Grant has struggled with excema for a long time and has a lot of residual scarring. Not to mention countless falls and a scar given by me trying to get something he was allergic to out of his mouth, while he was upsetand I was upset and while he was upside down trying to get away from me. Bad combo. I thought his eye was his mouth...not a proud mom moment.