Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Carter's blessing day

Carter was blessed during church on Jan. 6th. We were so happy that so much of our family could be there. My parents were even able to fly out and spend some time with us beforehand and then had to leave the day after the blessing. Carter was great and happy almost the entire day. He's just a good kid. He let's you know when he's hungry or tired and the rest of the time he's pretty content.

It was a great day. I had meetings in the morning and wasn't able to come home before the rest of the family came to church, but everyone came on time and the blessing went great. Afterwards we all came back to our house for some pictures and a luncheon.

Carter before waking up on his big day.

All ready in his blessing outfit.

Our happy little family.

Our happy BIG family.

Back row (L-R): Amanda & Mike Swain (Jess' sis and husband), Allie (Jess' sis), Mark & Kim Robinson (Jess' parents), Janet & Doug Price (my parents), Jon & Nate Marrott (our bro-in-law and nephew-Jess' side).

Front row (L-R): Mike, Hallie & Jenny Robinson (Jess' bro and family), Us, Carrie, Madison & Riley Marrott (Jess' sis and girls).

My boy, Jon West. Thanks for coming man!

It was a really long day, but Carter was a trooper and still smiling at the end.

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DeCaires Family said...

I knew Jon West from back in CA! Crazy! Looks like your blessing day was a success. Can I just say how luck you are to have family around. We had one set of Grandparents here for Ashly's blessing. Wow! Your picture of everyone is amazing.