Friday, January 25, 2008

The Boston Three Party

(The title of this blog is in reference to an ESPN commercial about the Boston Celtics three All-Stars this season, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.)

So Jess is an amazing wife. She knows my love for basketball and has had many surprises and made many sacrifices over the years to make me happy with a basketball game. It's not like it's a huge sacrifice because she enjoys the games a lot too and screams and yells. It's pretty hot. It's still a sacrifice though. Especially the first time she did it.

First example is when we were about to go out on Valentine's Day for dinner and her parent's happened to say in passing that nobody was using their season tickets for the game that night. Well, that night the Jazz were playing the Washington Wizards. Not such a big deal except that this was when Michael Jordan was playing for them! Jess looked at me and said "Do you want to go?". I obviously did, but I wasn't going to ruin our V-Day dinner for it. Without hesitation she said, "We'll take the tickets and go out another night for dinner". What a woman!

Second time was last year when Jess had a client offer to bring in his season tickets which were on the front row and let her pick a game. She told me that the day she wasn't at work was the day he came in and so she missed out. Well, on Christmas day she surprised me with two front row tickets to the Jazz/Lakers game (I'm a big Laker fan). She really did miss the guy that day, but he came back in to let her pick and she didn't tell me. We sat on the front row right behind the Lakers. We were on Sportscenter that night and I even got a high five from Kobe Bryant. Awesome!

The third time was this Christmas when the same client brought in his tickets and Jess knew how much I wanted to see the Celtics this year with their 3 All-Stars. She quickly grabbed those tickets and we went to the game a few weeks ago. We were on the 15th row and it was awesome. It was a great game too. The Jazz just about pulled off the victory against arguably the best team in the NBA this season. So thank you Jess for all the wonderful basketball games over the years (and I hope there are many more) (c:

Two of the best power forwards in the game today.

KG warming up with Ray Allen in the bottom left corner.

KG warming up again and for the guys from Ricks College, recognize the guy in the blue Jazz shirt to the back left of KG? It's Jeff Hertzler from Ensign Hall. I've seen him there before and talked with him. He works with the TV station or something.


Kristi said...

It's a good thing Jason doesn't read blogs-he'd be SO jealous of what an awesome wife you have!! Giving up valentines for basketball-wow you've got a catch:)
PS I tagged you!

Tyler said...

I just wanted to mention that if Jess ever doesn't want to go to one of those courtside games and I just happen to be in town, I will gladly volunteer to go with you, even if it is a Lakers game and have to sit next to you while you cheer for Kobe.

The Johnson's said...

You're wife is pretty much my hero. And I am glad that all Kobe did was slap your hand instead of going all "Colorado" on you.