Monday, January 14, 2008

Austin's (belated) Birthday Blog!!!

I guess this is as good a day as any since exactly one month ago was Austin's 3rd birthday. He had a wonderful birthday and was spoiled as always. Grandma and Grandpa Price sent some pj's, toys and a shirt that I personally enjoyed. It said "If you think I'm handsome you should see my daddy". Way to go mom! Grandma and Grandpa Robinson got him a toy chest, clothes and some tools. Don't ask me what we got him because I can't remember. I keep getting it confused with what he got for Christmas. Oh well, the joys of having his birthday 11 days before Christmas.

I went to the store early and got him his favorite breakfast....doughnuts. He definitely takes after his mother. Not that I don't like doughnuts, but I think Jess and Austin would eat them for every meal if they could. I also picked him up a set of cars. There you go, I remembered one thing we gave him.

Jess always goes all out and makes a special cake for the kids. Austin has been on a superheroes kick and since he was Batman for Halloween she thought this was appropriate. He loved it.

Excited much? I'm pretty sure he screamed like a little girl in this pic.

Here he is with his haul of Spiderman stuff.

G&G Robinson bringing in the toy box. If you look underneath the toy box you can see Austin is having his eyes covered as they brought it in. He just giggled the whole time because he was so excited.

Austin decked out with his new tools.


Kristi said...

You have such cute kids! And a talented wife-you realize you married out of your league!:)

Flo Rida said...

so if he takes after his mom liking doughnuts, then does he take after his dad when he screams like a girl??? lol