Friday, January 25, 2008


As you may have already seen, my parent's were able to fly our for Carter's blessing after Christmas. I just wanted to include a couple more pics from them being here. Also we were able to go up to Lewiston, Utah to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Rigby. They couldn't make it to the blessing because of grandpa's chemo keeping him down so we decided to make the trek up. We always love going up there to spend time with them and should do it more often.

Mom couldn't get enough of this while she was here.

Neither could dad.

We always love going up to the attic and seeing grandpa great's train set.

The kids always love going to Grandma and Grandpa Rigby's, even if grandpa great won't smile for pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you all so much when I look at these pictures. Only 91 days left and then I can come out when I want to and as often as I can afford it. :) You will treasure these pictures of grandpa and grandma. I'm so glad you went up for a visit. Love to you all. Mom